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Deep in the heart of Texas.....

Lies the Granger family cattle ranch, est 1879.

The Granger family ranch is home to the Gathering Tree Texas. The Gathering tree is a majestic live oak, 500 years old with a 20 foot diameter base and an eighty foot wide canopy that is sixty five foot tall.

Sitting all alone, along a creek that is a tributary to the Brazos River, this magical place beneath the Gathering tree is the perfect setting for a ranch wedding. Your rustic country wedding or cowboy wedding would be right at home under the Gathering tree. This idyllic spot in the Texas country side is an ideal site for those looking for an outdoors in nature wedding venue or other special event.

We are open to the public and whether you are into boots or heels we would welcome the opportunity to host your event under the Gathering Tree.

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Inside Tent
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